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Your patients require your expertise. Their lives depend on it. But you don't know what you don't know, and yet, you are expected to know almost everything. Nurses have an enormous responsibility to maintain the highest level of care, even in situations where they may not have all the answers. This can be a very scary and stressful situation.


At Intuitive RN, we understand that the transition from student, to a novice, to expert nurse is a long and challenging process. There is so much to learn and you want that knowledge on day 1 of your first job. Do not stress; we are here to help! Our app provides comprehensive clinical information designed to help improve your critical thinking skills. Intuitive RN helps you:


  • Make connections between diagnoses and identify issues before they arise.

  • Assess your patients using a systematic approach based on real-life experience.

  • Manage your patient’s care using assessment data to guide the plan of care.

  • Prepare the patient for discharge starting on the day of admission.


Let the stress slide off your shoulders. Intuitive RN is here to help you when you need it most.

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Intuitive RN is the compilation of years of experience in clinical nursing practice. We have cut out the fluff and focused on exactly what you need to provide exceptional nursing care to your patients. Don’t get lost in the data-dump on other apps. We help guide you to critical information resulting in a value-added educational experience. Our passion is helping you succeed: when you succeed, your patients are healthier and happier.


We have tailored the app to fit your needs by including these features:


  • Access nursing specific and physician verified information based on diagnoses.

  • Use supporting media to enhance your educational experience.

  • Add content to your list of favorites making it easier to access.

  • Find exactly what you need using our in-text search function.

  • Switch between day-shift and night-shift modes to improve reading.

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Intuitive RN envisions a worldwide community of nurses that interact and learn from each other. Nursing intuition is continuously growing, especially when a nurse encounters a new clinical problem and learns from it. Our app was developed to evolve and include new ideas, information, and experiences. At Intuitive RN, we want to foster innovation, education and clinical excellence.


Become an Intuitive RN! We encourage you to join our mission by using the app and following us on Facebook, and Twitter.

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Lloyd McCluskey


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Director of App Development




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Director of Operations

Jade Chase