Who We Are

Nurses from all clinical areas, dedicated to fostering nursing intuition and excellence in nursing practice.

Intuition is said to be more powerful than intellect; that gut feeling which guides you when the right answer is not readily available. After years of practice, nurses often develop intuition which allows them to excel in their profession and provide the highest level of patient care. But what if you are a new graduate? What if you just transferred to a new clinical area? Maybe you are unfamiliar with a patient’s diagnosis? What do you do then?  


At Intuitive RN, we have captured this “intuition” and put it into an app for all nurses to use. Our content is based on real-life experiences that have led to nursing intuition, and it is physician and nurse peer-reviewed. You now have access to nursing intuition that will truly guide you.


Our Mission: Foster nursing intuition so that you can approach every patient interaction with the knowledge of an experienced, Intuitive RN.

Our Vision: Make EVERY nurse an Intuitive RN!

Our Team

Co-Founder & Director of Operations

Jade Chase


Jade Chase is a co-founder of Intuitive RN. His professional experiences include actuarial consulting, business management, nursing & nursing leadership, and active duty service in the US Air Force Nurse Corps. An entrepreneur at heart, Jade enjoys working with start-up businesses where innovation and creativity are allowed to flourish. He credits his strong faith in God for his desire to become a nurse and to care for sick and injured patients. When Jade is not working, he enjoys hunting and fishing with family and friends, especially his father, Mike.

Jade is a 2009 graduate of the University of Minnesota School of Nursing.


Marketing & Research Assistant

Tyler Brodt


Tyler Brodt is IntuitiveRN’s Marketing and Research Assistant. He began working with the IntuitiveRN team during his capstone project as a student at Boise State University. During the project Tyler became deeply inspired by the groundbreaking intuition based nursing care work and vision that the IntuitiveRN team cultivated. He was asked join the team upon his graduation in December 2018, and brings to the table his background in marketing research and business as well as a strong passion for creativity and innovation.

Co-Founder & Director of App Development

Lloyd McCluskey


Lloyd McCluskey is a co-founder of Intuitive RN. His passion for promoting the nursing profession, combined with a background in Engineering and Computer Science, has enabled him to be a leader in developing the Intuitive RN App.  He is excited to be able to use his years at the bedside, and in leadership, to inspire the next generation of intuitive nurses.

Lloyd is a graduate of Univerity of Phoenix School of Nursing

Veteran-Owned Business (VOB)

Intuitive RN is veteran-owned and proud of it!


“Joining the Air Force was one of the best decisions I have ever made.” Jade Chase, Co-Founder


Veterans of the US Armed Services are well-positioned to be founders, owners and operators of their own businesses. From the first day of military service until the last day they wear the uniform, military veterans understand what it means to fulfill a mission with integrity and excellence. The skills learned while leading and serving their country are easily transferable to small business ownership. Intuitive RN seeks to support the veteran community and other VOBs.