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Leave the data dump behind and use the only nursing app that delivers real-life clinical knowledge and builds nursing intuition.

Goals of the Crowdfunding Campaign:


In the next few months we will be running a crowdfunding campaign to accomplish four major goals:


  1. Fund the development and implementation of new content (diagnoses).

  2. Add new functionality such as time management and comprehensive nurse-to-nurse reporting tools.

  3. Improve user interface and usability to enhance the end-users experience with the app.

  4. Gain HIPAA compliance.


The best way to learn more and stay involved with our campaign is to download the app and join our mailing list.


All for the Patient:

Let’s be honest, we all became nurses to help people. It’s all for the betterment of our patient’s lives. Intuitive RN is committed to improving patient outcomes through enhanced educational opportunities for nurses.