At the center of our passion is preparing nurses to successfully navigate the challenges of bedside nursing. Nursing school teaches you just enough knowledge to pass the NCLEX. However, that is just the beginning of your education. Most nurses learned to be a nurse at their first job and that experience was only as good as the preceptor they were assigned to and the clinical situations they were exposed to. Don’t you wish you had a peer-reviewed knowledge tool that was with you every step of the way?


Intuitive RN is that tool! Welcome to a new era of nursing where you can quickly access real-life clinical knowledge that will help you make better clinical decisions for your patients.

Intuition is More Powerful than Knowledge:


Have you ever met a nurse who just seems to have it all figured out? They have a six sense and the ability to recognize clinical issues quicker than most. We all know people who fit this description and deep down, we all want to be like them.


Intuitive RN seeks to empower nurses as they develop this intuition. In todays healthcare world, nurses must develop critical thinking skills quicker than ever. Intuitive RN will help you build your clinical knowledge so that you can successfully handle any patient situation.  


Time Management:


The charge nurse finds you in the hallway and hands you a slip of paper. You just finished discharging a patient and now you have an admit on the way. Oh yeah, and one of your other patients is crashing. Sound all too familiar?


We all wish we could squeeze more time into a 12, 8 or even 4-hour shift. There is never enough time to finish all of your tasks, chart, and still find time to take lunch or even drink water. Intuitive RN will have built-in time management tools that will help you succeed.


Comprehensive Reporting:


Patient report can be an enjoyable experience or a terrifying one. And it happens to every nurse twice a shift. Nurses have their own way of reporting on a patient and the lack of standardization means information can be left out. Don’t start your shift out on the wrong Danskos.


Intuitive RN seeks to improve the patient reporting process by providing standardized reporting options that can be shared between nurses through the app. No PPI will be shared, so HIPAA will be protected. Let Intuitive RN help you start your shift out right.